Vizi Coil Purple Loose

Vizi Coil Purple Loose


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Purple No Tie Laces : Shoestring Curly shoelaces

Purple no tie laces are made by braiding funky coloured fabric around an elastic coil.

Shoestring curly shoelaces help keep your shoes or sneakers tied without the need for a knot by contracting and closing the quarter over the tongue. Turning your lace-up shoes into slip-on.

Purple no tie laces are ideal to replace your broken or boring shoelaces.

We have our own dedicated in-house team based in our Market Harborough warehouse, each of our laces goes through a thorough quality control process before being hand wrapped. 

Purple No Tie Laces:

Shoestring curly shoelaces are suitable for all footwear types specifically:

  • Sneakers
  • Trainers
  • Sports Shoes
  • School Shoes

The benefits of using Shoestring Curly Shoelaces:

High quality Purple no tie laces, with a braided outer to look like normal laces and spring coiled to create a unique stay tied locking system. Elastic is firm yet flexible to give ease to the foot and allow the removal of shoes without undoing the lace. Ideal for swelling feet.

There are many benefits of using shoestring curly shoelaces; -

- No pressure points, the laces stretch

- No more tying of laces simply stretch to put on and take off your shoes

- Durable and easy to clean \n- Easy application

How to use: Simply lace up as a normal pair of shoelaces, and leave the spring coils loose without tying. can be twisted or tucked inside the side of the shoes. Simply remove shoes by stretching to remove from the foot, likewise stretch when replacing shoes. Other laces that may be of interest to you: Hiking, Cord, and Flat

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Shoe String Laces, a family run business based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Established in 1989 providing laces to the trade. Over time Shoe String Laces became manufacturers and distributors of their own brand laces and insoles. Our laces are stocked by leading footwear retailers and shoe repairers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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