Shoe String Saddle Soap 350ml

Shoe String Saddle Soap 350ml


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A traditional wax cleaning soap which deeply nourishes and cleans your leather. Used to clean dirt and old layers of shoe polish. This product contains Glycerine and is ideally used for cleaning rough and oily leather types prior to polishing.

The benefits of using Shoe String Saddle Soap  

Shoe String Saddle Soap has many benefits, some of which we have listed below:

- Great for removing built up layers of polish and grime
- Cleans ingrained dirt from your really mucky leather!
- Great for rough, hard wearing and oily leathers 
- Long lasting and tough, perfect for riding saddles

How to apply Shoe String Saddle Soap

- Use an applicator sponge or polish applicator to thoroughly apply the saddle soap
- Apply all over the leather, can be really worked in to remove all the dirt and grime 
- This product is not for delicate leathers due to it containing Glycerine

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