Kicker Brown/black Round Cord Laces

Kicker Brown/black Round Cord Laces


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Kicker Boot Laces

High-Quality Kickers Laces, made with a Cotton and Polyester mix striped cord.

Rain, snow and other environmental factors will cause damage to your shoelaces as well as your footwear. Naturally porous fibres such as Cotton are more susceptible to deterioration. Cotton absorbs and retains moisture. Wax creates a barrier so moisture cannot be absorbed. The ShoeString mix stops the overall deterioration of the lace.

We have a dedicated in-house team based in Market Harborough. During our quality control process, we scrutinize each lace. Our laces are hand banded and packaged in our warehouse and we deliver the highest quality laces and service to our customers above all else.

Kickers Laces are suitable for all footwear types, more specifically.

  1. Brogues
  2. Oxford Lace
  3. Derby Lace
  4. Gibson Lace
  5. Ankle Boots
  6. Chukka Boots
  7. Desert Boots
  8. Boat Shoes

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