Heute Polifix 4 Super Shoe Shine Machine

Heute Polifix 4 Super Shoe Shine Machine



Polifix 4 Super Shoe Shine Machine

As the most experienced machine, this shoe shine machine can‘t be fooled, not even by the younger generation. It goes to work with four brushes and achieves brilliant results that are anything but old hat. Demonstrate stature with perfection.

  • 4 brushes
  • practical polish storage
  • exquisite, with solid brass fittings


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 77 cm x 39 cm x 93 cm (w x d x h)
Housing: Steel (coated)
Weight:  49 kg net, 46 kg gross
Features: Horsehair pre-cleaning brush
Pre-cleaning brush ø 19 cm
2 Polishing brushes ø 22 cm
Polish dispenser 1.0 litres (FREE polish included)
Starter: Hand sensor with timer
Power supply: 230 Volt (110 Volt optional)
Motor: 240 Watt / 750 R/min


More colours available! For more information regarding any Heute Shoe Shine Machines, enquire at sales@shoestringuk.com or please call 01858 467467 to talk to our Heute Team.

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