Kiwi Parade Gloss 50 Ml

Kiwi Parade Gloss 50 Ml

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Kparbl Kiwi Black Parade Gloss Tin 50 ml 1 £4.25
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Kparnl Kiwi Neutral Parade Gloss Tin 50 ml 1 £2.99
Kparmtl Kiwi Mid-Tan Parade Gloss Tin 50 ml 1 £4.25


Kiwi Parade Gloss - Black, Brown, Tan & Neutral

Kiwi Parade Gloss provides a long lasting wax colour and a beautiful gloss finish. Parade Gloss contains a unique blend of natural Carnauba wax and genuine vegetable turpentine oil which delivers the ultimate shine to your leather shoes, while also providing nourishment, protection, and increased water resistance.

The benefits of Kiwi Parade Gloss:

- Nourishes the leather
- Adds colour bringing the shoe back to life
- Enriches the leather, for added protection
- A modern version of the classic tin polish
- Easy application

How to apply Kiwi Parade Gloss:

1. Apply polish with a cloth or polish applicator.

2. Allow drying.

3. Buff to a gloss.

4. For an extra high shine, apply another light coat of polish, sprinkle with water and buff with a soft cloth.


*For best results, reapplication of KIWI® Parade Gloss Shoe Polish is recommended weekly.

Kiwi Neutral Parade Gloss

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