Heute Polifix 3 Plus Shoe Shine Machine

Heute Polifix 3 Plus Shoe Shine Machine

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362105 Heute Polifix 3 Agate Grey - Free Shoe Cream 1 £2,019.00
36210RAL Heute Polifix 3 Choose A Ral Colour Of Your Choice - Free Shoe Cream 1 £2,019.00
362106 Heute Polifix 3 Graphite - Free Shoe Cream 1 £1,894.00


Polifix 2 Shoe Shine Machine - NOW WITH LIGHTING

Heute Polifix 2 is an impressive and extremely durable Shoe Shine Machine guaranteed to withstand long term use. The ergonomic steel handle bar means a secure hold for the user and the honeycombed rubber matt allows for easy cleaning and effective polishing thanks to the double brush.


Width: 56cm
Depth: 31cm
Height: 94cm

More colours available! For more information regarding any Heute Shoe Shine Machines, enquire at sales@shoestringuk.com or please call 01858 467467 to talk to our Heute Team.

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