My Bag Perfect Cleaning Clear Gel

My Bag Perfect Cleaning Clear Gel


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My BAG Perfect Gel 50ml

Perfect Gel is a clear, conditioning, cleaning gel. Especially suited for matte and natural leathers, Perfect Gel effectively acts as a gentle cleaner for even the most delicate of leathers, without ruining the original appearance. Brilliant for leather goods, Perfect Gel creates an outstanding clean and leaves the leather smooth, supple and conditioned.

The benefits of using: Perfect Gel

Perfect Gel has many benefits, some of which we have listed below:

- Gentle Cleaner for delicate leathers
- Brilliant for purses, leather handbags and other leather goods
- Gently cleans whilst conditioning the leather for added future protection
- Non chemical smell
- Easy to apply 
- Very smooth texture

How to apply: Perfect Gel

- In small circular motions, apply a small amount of Perfect Gel to a cloth and work into the leather
- Being mindful to not over apply, work into the leather focusing on areas with marks
- You will see instantly the difference
- Leave to dry ~ the leather will feel supple and conditioned


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