Magic Sole White Cleaner

Magic Sole White Cleaner


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Magic Sole Cleaner

The innovative cleaning product Magic Cleaner from Bama boasts the patented technology of “micro earthquakes”, in which microscopically small bubbles move up to 8,000 times per second. The dirt is removed within 60 seconds, and the midsole shines with its former sparkle once more.

Magic Cleaner can be used on all plastic-based soles and midsoles. The cleaning action works especially well on light-coloured, smooth soles, but also on structured surfaces. In the case of open-pored materials, please make sure to wipe off the removed dirt with a sponge or cloth before use, as shown in the video, and not to rub it in.

The “magical cleaning process” works in four phases:

- Spraying on the cleaner and penetration of the dirt particles

- Dynamic break-down of the dirt particles

- The specialty of Magic Cleaner is the innovative, patented technology of “micro earthquakes”, which removes the dirt gently in a physical manner and does not chemically dissolve it, as is the case with conventional cleaning products

- After spraying on the fluid, let it work for at least 60 seconds and then wipe off the dirt that has been removed. With open-pored soles, make sure to wipe away the removed dirt and not to rub it into the sole

Magic Cleaner is perfect for both whitening and brightening your soles!

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