Camera Bag - Select Colour

Camera Bag - Select Colour


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CAM01 Camera Bag Black 1 £28.00
CAM04 Camera Bag Navy 1 £28.00
CAM05 Camera Bag Grey 1 £28.00
CAM07 Camera Bag Beige 1 £28.00
CAM15 Camera Bag Mauve 1 £28.00
CAM18 Camera Bag Green 1 £28.00
CAM24 Camera Bag Fuschia 1 £28.00


Handcrafted Vegan Leather Tote Bags With a Chic Patterned Strap in Assorted Colours

Ladies style Rectangular Camera Bag featuring a chic patterned wide strap.

Key Features:

Stylish Design: This camera bag is designed with a rectangular shape that combines functionality and fashion effortlessly. Its sleek and modern look ensures you'll capture attention wherever you go.

Patterned Wide Strap: Our bag comes with a wide strap adorned with a trendy pattern. Not only does it add a dash of style to your ensemble, but it also provides extra comfort during long photography sessions.

Superb Protection: Protect your valuable camera gear with this bag's well-padded interior. Your camera, lenses, and accessories will be safe from scratches, bumps, and the elements, allowing you to focus on your passion for photography.

Ample Storage: Don't compromise on what you bring along. Our camera bag offers enough room to accommodate your camera body, multiple lenses, and essential accessories like memory cards, filters, and batteries.

Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, this camera bag is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor shoots and everyday use. It's designed to last, ensuring that your investment is a long-term one.

Convenience: The bag's compact size and adjustable compartments make it easy to organize your gear. The zippered pockets and quick-access compartments let you grab your camera in a flash, ensuring you never miss a shot.

Whether you're a professional photographer or a fashionista, our Rectangular Camera Bag with a patterned wide fashionable strap is the perfect accessory to complement your gear. Carry your camera or general accessories in style and keep it safe while expressing your unique sense of fashion. Upgrade your photography/accessories experience and make a bold statement with this rectangular camera bag.

Capture moments with flair and confidence. Shop now and step up your photography/accessories game in style!

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