Kiwi Odor Control Insole Cts

Kiwi Odor Control Insole Cts


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Kiwi Odor Control Insole Kiwi Odor Control Insole

Kiwi Odor Control Insole are high-quality insoles offering the benefit of supreme comfort along with excellent odour reduction. These light, hard-wearing insoles are extremely durable and perfect for every day casual or work shoes.

What Benefits Do Kiwi Odor Control Insole?

These affordable insoles allow a comfortable fit and fresh smelling shoes and feet.
- Natural carbon absorbs bad smells to fight odours
- Perforated surface for a fresh/breathable feel
- Thin, soft and comfortable
- Prevents feet from sliding inside shoes
- Available in multiple sizes
- Excellent value
- Highly durable.

Who Should Wear Kiwi Odor Control Insole?

Kiwi Odor Control Insole are extremely versatile and aren't designed for one specific type of user. They're a great every day insole thanks to their comfort, affordability and durability. Particularly, they're great for:
- Feet which experience perspiration and odour occasionally or regularly
- Sports shoes including tennis shoes, gym shoes, football boots or similar
- Work shoes and boots, both smart or heavy duty
- Heavily insulated or thick shoes which encourage foot perspiration
- Shoes which rub and cause friction and excess heat.

How to apply Kiwi Latex Insole:

Slip inside shoe ordering correct shoe size MATERIALS: Cushioning latex.

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