Kiwi White Whitener 75ml

Kiwi White Whitener 75ml


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Kiwi White Whitener Woly White Liquid

Kiwi White Whitener is a hi-pigment white shoe polish for all white leathers and textile shoes, making this the perfect product to compliment converse, trainers and sneakers.

The benefits of using Kiwi White Whitener:

Kiwi White Whitener has many benefits, some of which we have listed below:
- Restores the white pigment to worn materials
- Gives you the 'box fresh feel' once more
- Covers any discolouration
- Long lasting and very satisfying to use

How to apply Kiwi White Whitener:

- Once the shoe has been cleaned as best possible, you can then begin with Kiwi White Whitener
- Making sure the area is clear and parts of the shoe which do not need to be coloured is covered with masking tape for a clean, cut line
- Apply Kiwi White Whitener in short, light strokes
- Whilst using you can apply 1-2 layers until you are satisfied with the coverage

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