Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine 75 Ml

Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine 75 Ml


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Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine

Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine is formulated with a unique blend of waxes which dry to a shine. It is a water-based formula rich with waxes, giving a lovely gloss finish. Not only does this product clean and shine, but it also nourishes your leather goods and footwear.

The benefits of using Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine:

There are many benefits of using liquid shine, some of which we have listed below:
- Enables you to clean to an incredible, high shine
- Available in different colours to compliment the leather you have
- Cleans, nourishes and shines all in one
- Suitable for all kinds of leather shoes and accessories
- No buffing required

How to apply Kiwi Brown Liquid Shine:

- Once you have cleaned and renovated your desired footwear, now you are ready to use liquid shine
- Squeeze some product out onto the built-in sponge and apply to the product in circular motions
- Finish with protector spray to keep your shoes looking great for longer

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