Kiwi Brown Express Shine 6 Ml

Kiwi Brown Express Shine 6 Ml


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Kiwi Brown Express Shine Kiwi Brown Express Shine

Kiwi Brown Express Shine sponge with reservoir is a quick and effective way to polish your leather shoes and boots. The reservoir of polish is released in a controlled way to prevent the sponge from drying out. Ideal to pop in the car or carry with you when you need that quick last minute polish before a meeting or an event.

The benefits of using Kiwi Brown Express Shine:

There are many benefits of using an instant shine sponge.
- Polish your shoes quickly and easily
- Polish your shoes anywhere; perfect when you are on the go or in a rush
- Great to leave in the car to polish your shoes when you've made last minute plans
- Ideal to polish kids shoes in the morning before school, no mess, no fuss
- Easy application, sponge and polish all in one so no other tools required

How to apply Kiwi Brown Express Shine:

- Rub the sponge against the surface of the leather for a beautiful, instant shine
- Cover the whole shoe, being careful to avoid laces or any of the interior
- Once finished, firmly close the lid and store flat
- Once the reservoir is empty, replace the product

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