Shoe String Cushion Step Single Pairs

Shoe String Cushion Step Single Pairs


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Shoestring Heaven Step: Gel Insoles for heels.

Shoestring heaven steps gel insoles are designed for heels., Made from a soft gel are comfortable and reduce fatigue and pain caused by wearing heels for a prolonged period of time. 

Shock absorbing:

The soft gel absorbs shock that is transferred to the legs and joints through everyday activities. Shoestring heaven step reduces fatigue by cushioning each step. The burning pain caused from prolonged wear of heals can be drastically reduced as these gel insoles are specifically designed for heels. 

How to use Shoestring Heaven step:

Remove the gel insoles from the packaging, the insoles come with an adhesive back, simply remove the plastic film from the back of the insole. Place the thin round end in at the heel (sticky side down) and the gently place the rest of the insoles into the shoe, ensuring that the large bulbous areas cover the area of where the ball of the foot wood sit in the shoe. The shoestring Heaven step gel insole will remain in place as the will adhere to the shoes existing insole. 

Who should Shoesting heaven step: gel insoles for heels.

Shoe-String Heaven Step gel insoles can be used for the following;

- Cushion the ball of the foot and the heel, absorbing impact, for improved comfort
- Take a little bit of excess space out of the shoe for that perfect fit
- Add on top of the insole in your shoe to give a little more cushioning
- Stop the foot slipping forward particularly in heeled shoes

shoe laces

Shoe String Laces, a family run business. Established in 1989 offering shoelaces to the trade. Over time Shoe String Laces became manufacturers and distributors of their own brand laces and insoles, in our Market Harborough based factory. Our laces are stocked by leading footwear retailers and shoe repairers.

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