Sneakers Shoe Deo 200ml Famaco

Sneakers Shoe Deo 200ml Famaco


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Famaco sneaker Shoe Deo is an effective and easy to use deodorant designed to provide long lasting freshness for your shoes. It neutralises foot odour in the shoe leaving your shoes fresh and odour free at all times. Spray regularly into your footwear for continued protection; brilliant for shoes that aren't worn with socks. 

The benefits of using Sneaker shoe deo

There are many benefits of using this product, some of which we have listed below:
- Keeps shoes fresh at all times, no embarrassing odours when you remove your shoes  
- Easy to use spray 
- No mess, No fuss!
- Treat the shoe in a few sprays!
- Long lasting results

How to apply Sneaker Protector

- Famaco Protector can be used on all materials
- Simply hold the can 15cm from the material and spray

- 3 coats, dry for 10 minutes between each application.
- Leave to dry, then you are free to enjoy the rain!


Repeat between 10 and 15 days with a single top up spray.


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