Famaco Sneaker Shampoo Bottle 200ml

Famaco Sneaker Shampoo Bottle 200ml


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logoSneaker Cleaning Mousse 

Famaco Cleaning Mousse is an effective and easy to use pump spray mousse designed to remove dirt and marks from your suedes, leathers, fabrics and synthetics. It refreshes the colour of old and tired looking shoes to get them looking fresh and clean ready for any occasion. 

The benefits of using Sneaker Cleaning Mousse 

There are many benefits of using Famaco Cleaning Mousse, some of which we have listed below:
- Easy to use and well controlled pump action 
- Gentle cleaning of multiple different materials
- Can be used on shoes, bags, clothes and even furniture
- Simple to use with cloth application
- Refreshes dull colours, adding to the clean and new feel of your shoes

How to apply Sneaker Cleaning Mousse

- Apply to the material and work in with a cloth, using circular motions
- Leave to dry and finish with Famaco Protector Spray to prevent further dirt being attracted to the material
- Clean shoes regularly to prevent build up of dirt or tough stains 


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